ACSER Researchers

Global Navigation Satellite Systems

Earth Observation


SAR / Formation Flying

  • Andrew Dempster
  • Chris Rizos
  • Yong Li
  • Eamonn Glennon
  • Kegen Yu
  • Nagaraj C Shivaramaiah
  • Mazher Choudhury
  • Li (Lily) Qiao
  • James Carrapetta
  • Joon Wayn Cheong
  • Joseph Gauthier, PhD Student
  • Yang Yang, PhD Student
  • Sanat Biswas, PhD Student
  • Scott O'Brien, PhD Student
  • Vinh Tran, PhD Student
  • Vahideh Moghtadaiee, PhD Student
  • Kai Zhao, PhD Student
  • Vaidhya Mookiah, PhD Student
  • Vahideh Moghtadaiee, PhD Student

Space Situational Awareness

Spacecraft Attitude Dynamics, Control and Orbit Correction

Spaceborne Imaging and Remote Sensing

High Temperature Materials

Space Educational Programs


Reconfigurable Computing

Signal Procesing

Space Experiments


Satellite Power Systems