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Space Mining (Radio Interview with Prof Dempster on ABC Radio National: Late Night Live, 1st September 2015)

Is Spending on Space a Giant Waste? (The Ethics Centre, 7th August 2015)

Space mining is closer than you think, and the prospects are great (The Conversation, 7th August 2015)

Mining That's Out of This World (Radio Interview with Prof Dempster on 2SER 107.3FM, 7th August 2015)

Mining the moon could make space travel to Mars a possibility (Radio Interview with Prof Dempster on ABC World Today (ABC Radio National, ABC Local), 21 July 2015)

Homemade satellites herald new age for Australian space industry (Radio Interview with Prof Dempster on ABC World Today (ABC Radio National, ABC Local), 22nd June 2015)

ISS Progress Comes Crashing Back to Earth (Radio Interview with Prof Dempster on 2SER 107.3FM, 7th May 2015)

Space treaties are a challenge to launching small satellites in orbit (The Conversation, 17th April 2015)

High-altitude balloon provides foray into final frontier (UNSW Newsroom, 15th April 2015)


Off-Earth Mining grant for UNSW researchers and NASA (Mining Education Australia Newsletter, 11th December 2014)

Off-Earth Mining (UNSW Engineers emagazine, 3rd December 2014)

Ebola threat raises other security concerns (Landmark Magazine, December 2014)

Interview with Dr Barnaby Osborne on BBC (UK) regarding ESA's Rosetta mission (14th November 2014)

NanoRacks Is Bringing A SMiLE To The ISS (Satnews, 24th October 2014)

International Space University to send SMiLE to Space Station (International Space University Press Release ISU#56, 23rd October 2014)

ION GNSS+ Focuses on System Updates, Indoor Location (GPS World, 17 September 2014)

Live Interview with Dr Barnaby Osborne (ABC Radio QLD, 12 September 2014)

Dr Ediz Cetin, Feature Interview (The IET - Electronics Letters, Volume 50, Issue 19, 11 September 2014)

GPS jammers on notice as detector nears market-readiness (The Australian, 2 September 2014)

$600K to cut satellite interference and building costs (CIO, 2 September 2014)

Space research to make cheaper satellites, improve GPS (UNSW Newsroom, 2 September 2014)

Selling the merits of rocket science: Is Australia ready for Space 2.0? (Business Spectator, 29 August 2014)

New Space Accelerator Seeking to Jumpstart Australian Space Industry (Via Satellite, 27 August 2014)

Investing in space: what the UK Space Agency can teach Australia (The Conversation, 24 July 2014)

2024, a space odyssey (Sydney Morning Herald, 5 July 2014)

Life on Mars: Meet the Australians preparing for the mission of a lifetime (Sydney Morning Herald, 5 July 2014)

How will Inmarsat bring in-flight internet to Europe? (The Conversation, 11 June 2014)

The Hunter from space, pics, video (The Newcastle Herald, 6 June 2014)

NSW industry heads into space (NSW Trade & Investment, 6 May 2014)

Circuits for Satellites (Australasian Science Magazine, April 2014)

The search for MH370: Why can’t we find it? (Cosmos Magazine, 15 April 2014)

UNSW postgraduate students enter balloon space race (UNSW Mechanical Engineering News, 7 April 2014)

How many satellites are watching Earth? (ABC Local Radio QLD, 27 March 2014)

Detection of MH370 debris required a 'human eyeball operation' (Sydney Morning Herald, 22 March 2014)

Flight MH370: Indian Ocean objects might have drifted hundreds of miles (The Guardian, 21 March 2014)

Interview with Prof. Andrew Dempster on using satellites to find the missing MH370 flight (ABC Radio 702, 21 March 2014)

Interview with Prof. Andrew Dempster on Australian Satellite Technology (ABC TV News ACT, 19 March 2014)

Interview with Prof. Andrew Dempster on Australia's role in Space (ABC TV News NSW and News 24, 14 March 2014)

Dude, where's my satellite? (TripleJ, 6 March 2014)


Does Australia Have A Space Future? (Forbes, 6 December 2013)

Houston: We have Ideas. (Sydney Morning Herald, 23 November 2013)

Should Australia join the world space race? (The Wire, 19 November 2013)

The Australian Space Industry - Chris Jenkins (Department of Industry)

Off-World Mining and Space Colonies: The Next Step in Space Exploration (Vibewire, 29 October 2013)

Australia's Role in the Space Age (Vibewire, 29 October 2013)

Ten Reasons Why Australia Urgently Needs A Space Agency (Gizmodo, 4 October 2013)

Ten Reasons Why Australia Urgently Needs A Space Agency (Faculty of Engineering UNSW, 1 October 2013)

Satellite project to reach new heights (The Daily Advertiser, 17 September 2013)

The case for an Australian space programme (Radio New Zealand National, 19 August 2013)

Curiosity rover and the first anniversary of its landing (The Breakfast Shift - Switch 1197, 6 August 2013)

Ten reasons why Australia urgently needs a space agency (The Conversation, 5 August 2013)

Keeping tabs on dad (The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 July 2013)

Student Develops Hardware for New Satellite System (PCB Design 007, 13 June 2013)

UNSW graduate develops satellite circuit board (TechWorld, 7 June 2013)

Satellite circuit board opens doors to NASA (Electronics News, 6 June 2013)

NASA-bound graduate solves satellite circuitry (UNSW Newsroom, 6 June 2013)

Cost in space: funding halt leaves satellites up in air (The Sydney Morning Herald, 1 June 2013)

The New Digital World (UNSW Engineers (Page 8), 30 May 2013)

Space Research is a Blast (UNSW Engineers (Page 7), 30 May 2013)

A satellite to save Australia? We should have one of those (The Conversation, 30 April 2013)

Space policy small step for Australia (ABC Science Australia, 12 April 2013)

Australia joins the space race (SBS World News Australia, 9 April 2013)

Australia enters space race (SBS World News Australia, 9 April 2013)

The need for an Australian space program (The Sydney Morning Herald, 9 April 2013)

The case for space (UNSW Uniken, 9 April 2013)

Buy, sell, lift-off: the global economy is going interplanetary (The Conversation, 5 April 2013)

UNSW launches Australia's first masters in space systems engineering (UNSW Newsroom, 4 April 2013)

Explainer: what is GPS? (The Conversation, 7 March 2013)

Off Earth Mining Forum Media Coverage


From Little Things Big Things Grow (Neos Kosmos, 19 October 2012)

What might the 2013 White Paper say about space? (The Lowy Institute for International Policy, 8 October 2012)

Australia's Satellite Scarcity Leaves Us Vulnerable (ABC, 7 August 2012)

Nano-Satellite Offers Best Hope for Australia's Future in Space (Space Daily, 13 July 2012)

Prof. Andrew Dempster's Interview on GPS (ABC Adelaide, 11 July 2012)

Australia's place in the great space race (Radio Adelaide, 8 June 2012)

Shoebox-size craft could put Australia in space (ABC Science, 6 June 2012)

Stargazers watch rare Venus transit (Aljazerra, 6 June 2012)

Academic challenges Turnbull over NBN satellite criticism (TechWorld, 10 February 2012)

Million dollar satellites to connect remote Australia (Cosmos Magazine, 10 February 2012)


Can Google kill the Gruen transfer in time for Christmas? (The Conversation, 22 December 2011)

Iran hijacked US drone, says Iranian engineer (Christian Science Monitor, 15 December 2011)

Thales Alenia Space + Thales Australia... Master This... (SatNews, 4 November 2011)

Space plans come down to Earth (Australian Financial Review, 31 October 2011)

The Role of GNSS in SAR Formation Flying (GPSWorld, 16 August 2011)

Small Space has a Big Future (ABC, 22 July 2011)

NewSat's Satellite Seminar and Teleport Tour Highlights (NewSat, 19 Apr 2011)

GPS jamming could make you a casual terrorist (The Conversation, 30 Mar 2011)

GPS systems increasingly vulnerable to jamming (The Economic Times, 16 Mar 2011)

GNSS Vulnerability Workshop (Australian Maritime Safety Authority, 11 Mar 2011)

Jamming may Leave GPS in the Wilderness (ABC News, 11 Mar 2011)

GPS devices vulnerable to jamming hazard (The Australian, 11 Mar 2011)

GPS over-reliance driving us toward catastrophe: experts (Sydney Morning Herald, 11 Mar 2011)

Solar storms pose risk to technology (ABC Science, 23 Feb 2011)

It's time for us to have our own eye in the sky (Sydney Morning Herald, 13 Jan 2011)


Calls for Australia to invest in satellites (SBS World News, 26 Dec 2010)

Calls for Australia to invest in satellites (SBS World News, 25 Dec 2010)

UNSW GNSS Researchers Track L1C Signal from Japan's "Michibiki" (SSIS, UNSW, 20 Dec 2010)

Satellite tells on floods (Science Alert, 15 Dec 2010)

Space 2.0 and an update on Australian Space (Future Tense, ABC Radio, 2 Dec 2010)

Launch of Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) (BUZZ - UNSW Engineering Newsletter, Dec 2010)

Two new space research centres launched (Spatial Source, 30 Nov 2010)

New age of space research (UNSW News, 25 Nov 2010)

The Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research (ACSER) launched (UNSW Engineering, 25 Nov 2010)

Interview on ACSER (StarStuff, ABC Science Online, 24 Nov 2010)

Australia's space star is looking brighter (Sydney Morning Herald, 23 Nov 2010)

Interview with Andrew Dempster (Breakfast, ABC Radio, 22 Nov 2010)