Where available, presentation slides and live recordings are accessible via the links below. Photos are availabe from the OEMF home page.

Prof Monica Grady
Open University UK
6:30pm, UNSW Kensington Campus

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Opening Night Welcome Cruise
in conjunction with the
Future Mining Conference

Joint Session #1 with the Future Mining Conference
Main Theatre
8:45 Event Welcome & Session Chairs: Prof Andrew Dempster & Prof Serkan Saydam (Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research & UNSW School of Mining Engineering)
9:10 René Fradet Deputy Director, NASA JPL Space Exploration and Mining - A Potential Common Journey
9:50 Robert Mueller/Laurent Sibelle NASA JPL Swamp Works - A New Approach to Develp Space Mining and Resource Extraction Technologies at NASA's Kennedy Space Centre: Prospecting, Excavation, Load, Haul and Dump for In Situ Resource Utilisation
  10:15 Morning Tea
Joint Session #2 with the Future Mining Conference
Main Theatre
10:40 Robert Shishko NASA JPL An Integrated Economics Model for ISRU in Support of a Mars Colony
11:05 Craig Lindley CSIRO A Multilayer Three-dimensional Index Tool for Recursive Block Models Supporting Terrestrial and Extraterrestrial Mine Planning
11:30 Scott Dorrington UNSW Australia (ACSER/School of MME) Trajectory Design and Economic Analysis of Asteroid Mining Missions to Asteroid 2014 EK24
11:55 S Ata, G Bournival and M Manefield UNSW Australia Resource Recovery in Space
  12:20 Lunch
Business & Economy
Theatrette 6B
Level 1
13:10 Introduction & Session Chair: David Ball, Space Industry Association of Australia   Slides    Video
13:15 Chad Anderson (via internet) Space Angels Network Moon Prospect: The Business Case For Lunar Infrastructure   Video
13:25 Dr Jeff Coulton UNSW Business School Studies in costing off-earth mining projects   Slides    Video
13:45 Dr Roger D. Launius (via internet) Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum Historical Analogues   Slides    Video
14:00 Dr Thom van Dooren and Dr Matthew Kearnes The Australian Centre for Sustainable Mining Practices (UNSW) & Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (UNSW) The ethics of off-earth mining: expanding the discussion   Slides    Video
14:20 5-minute Break
14:25 Dr Philip Metzger (via internet) UCF Florida Space Institute Affordable, Rapid Bootstrapping of Space Industry and Solar System Civilization   Slides    Video
14:40 Prof Steven Freeland School of Law, Western Sydney University Common Heritage or Common Law?: Legal Regulation of the Exploitation of Natural Resources in Outer Space
15:00 Dr Alice Gorman Department of Archaeology, Flinders University Dust mitigation in lunar mining and the implications for cultural heritage management   Slides    Video
15:20 Thorbjørn Waal Lundsgaard Oxford Brookes University CSR in Space: Corporate Social Responsibility Principles for the Space Industries   Slides    Video
  15:40 Afternoon Tea
Keynote Speaker
Theatrette 6B
Level 1
Session Chair: Prof Andrew Dempster
16:00 Prof Monica Grady CBE Professor of Planetary and Space Sciences, Open University
Former Head of the Meteorites and Cosmic Mineralogy Division, Department of Mineralogy, Natural History Museum and Honorary Professor of Meteoritics at University College London
Landing on a Comet: ESA's Rosetta Mission
Slides    Video
Theatrette 6B
Level 1
16:30 Prof Ian Wright Open University, UK
(Principal Investigator of the Ptolemy Instrument on the Rosetta Mission)
Off-Earth Mining: the Rosetta Experience
Slides    Video
16:50 Prof Trevor Ireland The Australian National University JAXA's Hayabusa Mission Update   Slides    Video
17:05 Closing Remarks: Prof Andrew Dempster   Slides    Video
  17:15 Day End

Brian Muirhead
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
6:30pm, UNSW Kensington Campus

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Keynote Speaker
Theatrette 6B
Level 1
8:45 Introduction & Session Chair: Prof Serkan Saydam
8:50 Brian Muirhead NASA ARRM Project Manager The Asteroid Redirect Robotic and Crewed Missions   Slides    Video
Lunar Resources
Theatrette 6B
Level 1
9:30 Prof Ian Crawford (via internet) Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Bikbeck College London Lunar resources   Video
9:50 Kyle Acierno ispace technologies Lunar Resource Exploitation with Swarm Rovers   Slides    Video
10:10 Dr Kris Zacny (via internet) Honeybee Robotics Lunar Resource Prospector Drill System
  10:30 Morning Tea
Plenary Speakers
Theatrette 6B
Level 1
10:50 Jim Keravala (via internet) Chief Operating Officer & Architect, Shackleton Energy Company Inc   Slides    Video
11:05 Mark Sonter Board Member, Deep Space Industries   Slides    Video
11:35 Andrew Barton Director of Technical Operations for Google Lunar XPRIZE, XPRIZE Foundation
Slides    Video
Panel Session 11:55 PANEL: “Kickstarting the asteroid mining business”    Video
  12:25 Lunch
Student Sessions
Theatrette 6B
Level 1
Session Chair: Dr Naomi Tsafnat
13:10 Carlos Tapia Cortez UNSW Mining Engineering Water Extraction - Mars’ Mining Model (WEM³)   Slides    Video
13:25 William Crowe Australian Centre for Space Engineering Research/UNSW Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Opportunistic flyby characterisation of Earth passing asteroids   Slides    Video
13:40 Chris Miller & Yilser Kabaran UNSW BLUEsat/UNSW Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering BLUEsat and the BLUEtongue Rover   Slides    Video
13:55 Lachlan Colley UNSW Mining Engineering/UNSW Biological, Earth & Environmental Sciences Investigating Selective Laser Sintering as a Manufacturing Method for Creating Mine Infrastructure in Off-Earth Mines   Slides    Video
14:10 Michael Klas UNSW Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Microbial Resource Extraction on Asteroids: Occupying the Niche   Slides    Video
  14:25 Afternoon Tea
Novel Technologies 1
Theatrette 6B
Level 1
Session Chair: Dr Tim Parsons
14:45 A/Prof Leslie Gertsch Rock Mechanics & Explosives Research Center, Missouri University of Science and Technology The Rock Mechanics of Space with Respect to Potential Space Mining Methods   Slides    Video
15:05 Mark Sonter Deep Space Industries Advances in Development of Asteroid Mining Concepts: Target Selection, Regolith Modelling and Resource Definition   Slides    Video
15:25 Dr Jonathan Clarke Mars Society Australia Mining Mars   Slides    Video
  15:45 Short Break
Novel Technologies 2
Theatrette 6B
Level 1
Session Chair: Dr Tim Parsons, Delta-V
15:50 Dr Ruslan Puscasu University of Queensland Non-selective underground mining methods of extraction
16:10 Dr Jason Held Saber Astronautics The Responsive Space Operations Center: The Next Generation of Mission Control   Slides    Video
16:30 Patrick Neumann Neumann Space Pty Ltd System Architectures Enabled by Pulsed Cathodic Arc Thrusters   Slides    Video
16:50 Closing Remarks: Prof Andrew Dempster & Prof Serkan Saydam    Video
  17:00 Day End


Rene Fradet of NASA JPL presenting at the 2013 Off Earth Mining Forum.