Photos from our Workshops and Events


Launching CubeSats
For and From Australia

2015 Global Space Balloon Challenge,
William Crowe, PhD student


Deep Space Industries Seminar,
David Gump (CEO)

CeBIT Exhibition

GNSS Futures Workshop

SNAP Lab Re-launch


ACSER Launch

Garada Project Launch

GNSS Vulnerability Workshop

Platforms and Payloads Workshop

Disaster Management Workshop

Garada SAR Workshop

Garada Annual Meeting 2012

Cubesats: Missions, Payloads,

UAV Workshop

6U Cubesat Workshop

PhD Information Evening

GNSS Remote Sensing Workshop

Garada Annual Meeting 2013

Off Earth Mining Forum

Curiosity on Mars

High School Information Visit July 2013

Australian Space Industry Forum

QB50 Workshop

GNSS Vulnerability Workshop

ACSER Social Events

Spit Bridge to Manly Walk

Bondi to Coogee Walk

Christmas Party 2011

Jurassic Louge at Australian Museum

Christmas Party 2012

Garada End of Project Party

Christmas Party 2013